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Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin has excellent decorative properties. It is also a great absorber of moisture and provides pleasant warmth. These features make the sheepskin rug or blanket a great product suitable for any interior. Discover the great features of these interior design elements!

The rug made of sheepskin is a unique, pleasant to the touch and most of all a warm decor addition to various types of rooms. Both children and adults will love it because sitting on it is a real pleasure and you can even cover yourself with the rug on extremely cold days. Sheepskin will help you to get better after a long walk on a frosty day. It absorbs all the moisture but also ensures proper air circulation so that a cold person quickly regains strength and feels better. It is also worth knowing that the sheepskin rug will not be a place for the development of mites because it is resistant to them. This feature convinces many people to buy it for their home!

Decorative properties of sheepskin products

Products made of natural sheepskin are characterized by their uniqueness. There are no two identical rugs. Each rug will be even slightly different, for example in shape, density and length of hair. So if you want the interior to look very original, a sheepskin rug is a great idea. We also have good news for people who are looking for additions with more distinct colours than the natural shade of sheepskin. We offer coloured accessories in many striking colours.

Since woolen fabrics are very durable and flexible and what is more, they can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. Sheepskins have a hard wearing fiber that retains it good appearance if given adequate care. Thanks to these abilities you can use sheepskin in your living room or bedroom without feeling anything odd, because of it natural, healthy properties you will feel always comfortable. You can use it in bathroom as well if you don’t want risk walking on bare foot at the floor, wool have a great water absorption abilities and it fabrics do not feel that way at all. You can step safe, steady and with comfort anywhere you willing to use merino sheepskin. Sheepskin is not only comfortable and healthy to use but also safe since wool have fireproof abilities. It does not support combustion. Wool was always considered as a luxury fiber thanks to unique properties of it.

Combination of sheepskin and luxury

A sheepskin rug is not without reason associated with luxury. In the past, it could only be afforded by very wealthy people. Today wool products are available to a wider audience and thanks to our affordable prices many more people can have them in their homes. Despite this, sheepskin still adds exceptional elegance to the interior.

Where can I place the sheepskin rug?

A characteristic addition made of sheepskin can be placed in almost any room. It will fit perfectly in the living room by the fireplace. Wool is fireproof so you don't have to worry that it will catch fire. In addition, the sheepskin rug can be placed in the child’s room so that your kid can play comfortably on the floor. This product is also suitable for bathrooms. After leaving the shower or bath, it would be nice to put wet feet on sheepskin. As wool absorbs moisture perfectly, you don't have to worry that the whole bathroom will be wet.

if you would like to receive our newsletters our special offers and new products in our shop please email to us
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